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Empowering Women 


Our Mission

At Spirit and Truth Christian Counseling we provide individual counseling to women of all ages and backgrounds, who are struggling with rejection, guilt, shame, abandonment, fear, low self-esteem, Spiritual identity crisis, family & relationship problems, religious wounds, and emotional wounds from divorce and breakups. 

As of 7/13/2022 Spirit and Truth Christian Counseling is now offering a prophetic mentoring program to help men & women of all ages who are struggling to find or accept their identity as a Prophet or looking for clarity and understanding as to how to flow freely and authentically as the prophet that God has called them to be. 

Spirit And Truth Christian Counseling Is A Paid Christian Based Counseling
that is based on the word of God and spirit led.

Somethings To Expect In Our 0ne On One Counseling Sessions Are:

  •  Inner Healing 

  •  Deliverance from emotional & demonic oppression.

  • Spiritual Guidance in Your Christian Walk

  • Life Guidance 

  • Clarity

  •  Breakthrough

All sessions are 1 hour. 

  • Deliverance Counseling (Major Deliverance)

This counseling is solely based on deliverance. These sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes and is only offered after an individual have completed at least 4 counseling sessions, as Inner healing and deliverance goes hand & hand. 

  • Prophetic Mentorship Program (Group)

Prophetic 101

This 7-week class is designed to equip the prophet for his or her call and ministry by teaching the prophet about the prophet, such as the character of the prophet, the many functions of the prophet, and the Prophetic Ministries, and much more!

This Program is about more than prophesying, but about answering & sustaining the call and ministry of the Prophet. 

  • Kingdom Entrepreneur & Ministry Coaching

I Empower Women to start, build, and grow their Kingdom business & ministry. 


Founder, Margaret Hayes Townsend

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